Home, sweet home…

My personal Wonderland

I like beautiful and cozy things. I believe comfort is made out of details. Cute cushions, retro lamp shades, designer clocks and porcelain figurines… I’m a fan of all that.  My home is a collection of hand-made stuff and exclusive décor. For instance, I have a family of ragdolls of my own creation living on my book shelves. Each of them has a name and a social background 🙂 Whenever my little niece comes for a visit, we play all day long. It’s better than the Sims! 🙂 I also own a handful of sculptural flower pots, an indigenous quilt from my trip to the Great Plains, a tea table carved from yew root and, attention, a real trumpet horn from the 50’s (thanks, grams 🙂 And of course plenty of oil paintings. I like oil because it’s warm, saturated and, well, alive. When you look at a painting like this, you can actually feel it – the warmth of colors, the texture, the artist’s vibe… Many people I know tend to decorate their homes with reproductions of famous pictures. I find it too mainstream. Instead, I’m looking for new names and new images that can surprise me and my guests. And I think I just found them…

Paintings worth painting!

You might have never heard about him, but you might have seen his paintings. If the name Leonid Afremov doesn’t ring any bells, I’ll be glad to introduce you to each other 🙂 He is a modern Impressionist artist, not so widely known, but pretty familiar in certain circles. It’s hard to say what makes his works so appealing. Bright palette, imaginative technique, romantic spirit… But first and foremost – good magic 🙂 You can feel it coming off the canvas. One look at his picture – and your bad mood is cured 🙂 You can check out his original paintings here. There are various genres to choose from:

  • City views. Colorful street lights, glowing autumn trees, sparkling reflections in the puddles… Rain just as I love it!
  • Landscapes and seascapes. Nature in unexpected colors, from cozy forest lawns to majestic sunset beaches 🙂
  • Flowers and still lifes. Even this pretty much common genre can surprise you when you deal with Leonid Afremov! 🙂
  • Portraits. Not just any portraits! Famous musicians and graceful ballerinas, love couples and adorable kids – each of them has its own character.

I’d say I’m pretty picky about art. But these canvases totally conquered me! By the way, Leonid Afremov also runs a web store offering his original paintings for sale online. I already bought a few and they look lovely in my quirky hangout 🙂 So if you are a crazy hipster like me, take note! 🙂



A movie for inspiration

Today I watched one of those movies that make you wanna change your life. It’s called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Fantastic_(film) In short, the movie is about a family who lived in the woods, without nearly any contact to the civilized world, following their own philosophy. The kids were educated by their own parents who were half hippies half geeks half health freaks. From early years, they practiced mountaineering and hunting, they were eating only natural food and studying just about everything from foreign languages to advanced politics. They were supersmart and superstrong. But they didn’t know anything about life outside their small idyllic universe. So when their mother dies and they set off for her funeral (this episode deserves special attention, but hey, no spoilers! :), they have to confront all kinds of problems arising from an upbringing like this. And although I was really fascinated by both the heroes and their lifestyle, it made me wonder whether we can actually be happy outside the rest of the society. After all, modern city life promotes beliefs and habits that don’t do us any good. Perhaps, it’s better to sever off all the old ties and start a new life, cleaner, healthier and more conscious? What do you think about it? I’m looking forward to reading your comments! 🙂


Hello stranger!

Nice to see you in my blog 🙂 My name is Jeannie Rice and I hope we’re going to make great friends 🙂 If you ask me to tell three things about myself, I’ll pick the following (from least to most surprising):

  1. I work as… a toy designer. Yes, that’s right! I design teddy bears, baby dolls and other cuties for your little ones (if you have any 🙂
  2. I’m an Albino. My hair and skin are white as snow. Well, at least, I make a good vampire on Halloween 🙂
  3. I witnessed a bank robbery! And saw a gun pointed at my face. Luckily, the police got there in time and arrested the robber just as he was making his leave 🙂

I have plenty of other exciting stories to tell you. Hang on if I caught your attention 🙂